Jagbots 4638

Northwest High School

We are the 4638 Jagbots, the Robotics team of Northwest High School in Germantown, Maryland. Our team strives to promote STEM education within our community, having competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) since 2013. We CAD, build, and program our own robot to compete in new challenges each year. Together, our team strives to combine our skills to create amazing things.


Who are the Northwest HS 4638 Jagbots?

We are the robotics team of Northwest High School (NWHS), formed in late 2012, by Mr. Garrant from Northwest. Mr. Garrant loved to move towards new ideas and create new projects! After getting a few people together, the team began to take shape to compete in Ultimate Ascent.

The team was later handed over to the leadership of Michael Ames, Greg Vogl, and Paul Schrantz. These three mentors are the people who have made the team into what it is today! Our team of students and mentors focus on working together as a group to bring together our skills, talents, and ideas! We are always striving to move forward!

Meet the teams that bring our robots to life!


CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, is a software tool used by engineers and designers to create detailed technical drawings and models. CAD creates, modify, and views complex 3D models of physical objects, including robots, with a high degree of accuracy and precision. CAD creates virtual models of their robots and to visualize how different parts will fit together and move. This allows the team to iterate on their designs and make changes before they start building. In addition to the design phase, CAD creates detailed drawings that can be used for manufacturing and assembly. These drawings help ensure that parts are made and assembled correctly, and can be used to communicate the design to other team members, mentors, and suppliers.


The build team is a critical component. Its primary responsibility is to turn the designs created by the design team into physical robots that are ready to compete. They use tools such as power drills, saws, and soldering equipment to build and assemble the robot. Once the robot is built, the build team also works to maintain and repair the robot as needed, ensuring that it is in top condition for each competition. In this way, the build team plays an important role in ensuring that the robot is able to perform at its best during competition. 


The programming team is responsible for creating the software that controls the robot during matches. This involves writing code that allows the robot to perform various tasks, such as moving, picking up objects, and interacting with other robots on the field. The programming team must have a deep understanding of programming languages, software development practices, and the hardware components used in the robot. They also need to work closely with the other teams, such as the build team, to ensure that the software is compatible with the robot’s hardware and that it can perform the desired tasks effectively. In addition, the programming team must be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise during matches and make real-time adjustments to the software to ensure that the robot operates as expected.


The enterprise team is responsible for managing the business and financial aspects of the team. This includes tasks such as fundraising, marketing, outreach, and community engagement. The enterprise team must be able to effectively communicate the goals and accomplishments of the team to sponsors and the community at large. They are also responsible for creating a budget and managing the team’s financial resources to ensure that the team has the necessary funds to compete and thrive. In addition, the enterprise team may be responsible for organizing events, such as workshops or community outreach programs, to promote interest in STEM education and robotics.